The All-Flash Array Built for the Next Generation Data Center.

Storage System Overview

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The most complete range of enterprise class features within an all-flash array.

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Start where you are.
Scale to where you need to go.

Flexible, linear scalability of both capacity and performance.

SolidFire systems leverage a scale-out storage architecture that enables customers to achieve linear scale of both capacity and performance without downtime or performance impact.


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( All less than disk )

Stacking Server Blades

At full scale (100 nodes) SolidFire's scale-out architecture natively delivers the largest and fastest all-flash storage system, designed for the Next Generation Data Center. About SolidFire Efficiencies

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One program. Two guarantees. Nothing obsolete.

FlashForward gives you unparalleled investment protection and peace of mind.

  • Platform Compatibility Guarantee: Software upgrades and mixed-node compatibility for the life of your contract, so you’ll never be locked into a single generation of flash hardware or software. That means no more controller upgrades, storage migration, or forklift hardware replacement.
  • Unlimited Drive Wear Guarantee: Total protection for drives within every SolidFire system without use-case or workload restrictions.
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Perfectly balance capacity
and performance for every volume.



Allocate, manage and guarantee storage performance.

Only SolidFire delivers the capability to allocate and manage all-flash storage performance independent of capacity. This patent-pending Quality of Service (QoS) control empowers you to:

  • Give applications exactly the performance they require
  • Change performance instantly without data migration or adding more disks
  • Guarantee application performance and eliminate the effects of noisy neighbors
  • Provision performance separate from capacity without wasting either one
  • Understand when storage bottlenecks occur and fix them instantly
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Guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS)
is not a storage feature. It’s an architecture.


Learn about the 6 architectural requirements
for delivering guaranteed storage performance.Learn More
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Intuitive. Robust. RESTful.

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Easily manage and automate your entire storage infrastructure.

SolidFire's management frameworks provides both an intuitive web-based user interface as well as a robust REST-based API capable of automating every aspect of storage provisioning, management, and reporting. In addition, SolidFire storage management capabilities have been integrated with OpenStack, CloudStack, Flexiant, and OnApp frameworks enabling native performance management.

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Completely automate your storage infrastructure.Demo

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High availability traditional RAID can only dream of.

Storage Failure With Traditional Storage
Storage Failure With SolidFire


Superior data protection.
With consistent application performance.

  • SolidFire's Helix Data Protection provides superior high availability to traditional RAID-based shared disk designs.
  • It minimizes the performance impact of hardware failures while simultaneously protecting against software failures.
  • It rebuilds in minutes with a fully meshed process, versus hours or days for RAID.
  • It quickly self heals to restore full redundancy and protect against future failures.
  • And its shared-nothing architecture eliminates shared disk shelves, power supplies and other points of failure.
See how SolidFire Helix beats RAID in real-world failure scenarios.See How
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Breakthrough in-line data reduction technology.

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Increase usable capacity without impacting performance.

SolidFire's scale-out architecture natively supports in-line data reduction without performance impact. Block-level de-duplication, compression, thin-provisioning reduce data footprints by 4 - 10x* or more. While other storage architectures lack data reduction entirely — or require it be turned off for maximum performance — SolidFire's always-on data reduction provides significantly more usable capacity while eliminating hot-spots and performance vs. capacity trade-offs. About Solidfire Efficiencies

Drive flash below the cost of disk.Yes, Please

Continuous, proactive monitoring and diagnostics.

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The 5 elements of SolidFire active support:

  • Proactive philosophy
    • We monitor and alert you as soon as a problem is present
  • Secure assist
    • SolidFire support can securely log in to systems to provide hands-on, real-time support
  • 24/7/365 worldwide availability
    • International support offerings with up to 4-hour break-fix
  • Expert tier/level 3 support engineers
    • No entry level support personnel
  • Active IQ
    • Real-time health diagnostics & historical trending at the cluster, node, account & volume level
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*SolidFire's Effective capacity calculation accounts for Helix data protection, system overhead and global efficiencies - including compression, deduplication and thin provisioning. SolidFire customers typically achieve an effective capacity range of 5x to 10x the raw capacity depending on application workloads.