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Delivering greater profitability, attracting new customers, and elevating service levels, all fueled by SolidFire.

We power some of the world’s most demanding data centers.

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“SolidFire allows iWeb the ability to deliver SLAs around a predictable cloud hosting experience."


  • Offered cloud storage with the same reliable performance as dedicated
  • Improved managed hosting service levels in an OpenStack environment
  • Guaranteed data integrity and availability
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“We can now offer two million server configurations in 55 seconds — a massive improvement for our users."

1 & 1

  • Guaranteed customer performance
  • Reduced storage complexity
  • Dramatically improved flexibility
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“SolidFire opens revenue-generating services we otherwise would not be able to provide.”


  • Decreased performance issues by 100%
  • Ensured transaction processing within milliseconds
  • Greatly improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs and improved overall storage ROI
Servintlogo cfa700b2ad3ef6f72867523cacfcb2586345477c91c3ae7d74cb83fbe4bc2254
"With SolidFire, we are able to fully guarantee I/O, and we have never really been able to do that before.”


  • Guaranteed IOPS to customers with 100% uptime SLA
  • Scaled-out capacity without forklift upgrades
Sungardlogo 562bfa90bca5621f7f856f376114aac4b86aae1755b66b7ef6391b5482783a83
"We guarantee every customer gets a competitive edge."


  • Provided SLAs for storage IOPS
  • Launched business-critical service offering
  • Ensured consistent levels of performance for SAP, Oracle, and ERP
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"“The ability of SolidFire to dynamically adjust its performance and capacity is a real benefit. It means we don’t need multiple arrays. We can now do everything from one.”


  • Offered more flexible and differentiated services to customers
  • Delivered far higher performance for less

Solutions designed for every service provider use case

Public cloud

Guarantee performance to each and every customer application in your public cloud, eliminating “noisy neighbors” and reducing support headaches.

Private cloud

Offer the higher levels of support, performance SLAs, and customization required of managed private clouds with the flexibility, simplified provisioning, scale, and economics of multi-tenant.

Dedicated hosting

Reduce capacity and performance management headaches to deliver the service levels dedicated hosting customers expect. SolidFire’s scale-out architecture delivers consistent linear scalability of both storage capacity and performance as the system grows.

Database as a Service

Deploy thousands of databases from a single shared storage platform and make efficient use of storage resources through automated database provisioning, setup, and configuration. Guarantee predictable storage performance to 1,000s of customer databases.

Desktop as a Service

Deliver agile, profitable virtual desktop services. With granular Quality of Service controls and a scale-out architecture, SolidFire is uniquely suited to manage the mixed and unpredictable workload profiles that exist in VDI environments.

Get storage service pricing, positioning, and marketing support. Get Fueled by SolidFire.

Offering not just technology but the tools and support to help you truly win in the marketplace

The Fueled by SolidFire program helps cloud and hosting providers define, develop, and capitalize on new market opportunities made available by implementing SolidFire storage technology. Learn more

We understand the wider storage market trends and opportunities for service providers, and how to successfully sell storage services to enterprise and SMBs. We use that knowledge to help you shape your storage offerings and go-to-market (GTM) approach. We work as a partner to help execute on your service strategies, so you get to market faster and with more revenue-generating impact for your business.

The Fueled by SolidFire program sets the industry standard for go-to-market support

Phase 1
SolidFire Overview
  • Market opportunity identification
  • Use case identification
  • Business model overview
  • Technical deep dive
  • Live product demonstration
Phase 2

Hands-on productization 

  • Packaging
  • Pricing
  • Positioning
  • Business model detail definition
  • QoS SLA reference documents

Tools to assist

  • Margin analytics
  • MRD
  • Service description
  • Trading deck / materials
Phase 3

Fueled by SolidFire program delivery

  • Joint press release
  • SolidFire video case study
  • Co-branded collateral
  • Sales and sales engineering training
  • Billing integration support
  • Management stack integration support
Phase 4

Post-sale program implementation

  • Joint customer case study
  • Lead acceleration (MDF pending)
  • Field marketing and events planning
  • Joint press release
  • SolidFire video case study
  • Co-branded collateral
  • Sales and sales engineering training
  • Billing integration support
  • Management stack integration support

Benefits of the Fueled by SolidFire Program

Go-to-market assistance with storage service strategy, pricing, packaging, and positioning