The block storage choice for OpenStack

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OpenStack and SolidFire

To build an OpenStack-powered cloud infrastructure, there is only one choice for block storage; SolidFire. No other vendor can combine the comprehensive integration behind a production ready OpenStack block storage deployment, with the performance and Quality of Service controls necessary for service providers to confidently host performance sensitive applications in a multi-tenant cloud.

Key benefits of OpenStack on SolidFire

True Multi

True multi-tenancy

  • ID mapping between Cinder Vol-ID and SolidFire volume name
  • One to one relationship of OpenStack account to SolidFire account
  • Generate storage reports by account
  • Provides additional security measures via tenant isolation on SolidFire

Resource agility

  • Rapidly clone volumes to new types (different QoS settings)
  • Unrestricted number of volume-types, allows for granular QoS
  • Provision guaranteed IOPS to each OpenStack volume
  • Add storage resources as your cloud grows without stopping, restarting or reconfiguring cinder services
High Availability

Maximum availability

  • Complete HA, no single points of failure
  • Automatic fault detection and self-healing
  • System upgrades with zero downtime
Simple Automation

Complete automation

  • HTTPS interface to SolidFire API, no additional management nodes or libraries
  • REST-based API easily maintained to support new OpenStack features over time
  • Configure SolidFire with OpenStack in under 1 minute


  • Fast and efficient cloning of bootable volumes eliminates need for repeated glance downloads
  • Clone full environment with no impact to storage capacity

Openstack Whiteboard

Watch this whiteboard video on OpenStack & SolidFire

OpenStack block storage use cases

  • Public cloud / hosting services
  • Private cloud / enterprise IT
  • Big data storage
  • Dev & test environments
  • Large scale web applications

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