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Agile Infrastructure built for the Next Generation Data Center

Converged reference architectures to simplify and accelerate your journey to a next generation cloud

SolidFire’s tested and proven reference architectures are the simplest, fastest path to next generation technologies like cloud, converged infrastructure, VDI, and more. Rather than stifling business innovation with outdated, rigid data center infrastructure, SolidFire Agile Infrastructure (AI) eliminates the complexity of delivering predictable performance to every workload at scale, every time.

An agile, scalable infrastructure without the complexity

Build faster, develop sooner, and run multiple projects on one shared platform

Built for the next generation data center, SolidFire is the leading block storage solution in highly virtualized and automated environments. SolidFire Agile Infrastructure combines our leading storage with best-in-class compute, networking, and orchestration technologies.

By simplifying converged infrastructure deployment with this combination of technologies, SolidFire AI enables rapid development and deployment of applications, services, and innovation.

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Accelerate both time to cloud and time 
to value

With SolidFire AI, customers can stand up a dynamic cloud infrastructure in significantly less time, less space, and for less money than competing converged infrastructure offerings. SolidFire AI allows enterprises to experience the benefits of nNext gGeneration dData cCenter design today while providing a repeatable, validated implementation that drives down operational costs associated with deploying and managing new infrastructures.

Additionally, with a modular pre-validated design, SolidFire AI prevents unnecessary hardware or software lock-in, so you can continue to benefit from the latest innovations.

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Assemble the right mix of platforms and solutions

Platforms — Build with confidence using the industry’s leading components

Start with a foundation of hardware specifically selected for workload sizes and expected output needs. SolidFire AI outlines everything required to interconnect SolidFire storage, vendor networking, and vendor compute hardware from start to finish.

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Solutions — Speed time to value with cloud- ready designs.

Optimize the hardware foundation to achieve ideal results when running your desired application workload. SolidFire AI contains the testing, validation, and documentation for running specific application workloads most effectively.

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What do you want to build for today?

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Eliminate dedicated storage silos and provide guaranteed performance to VDI deployments...

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Deliver a dynamic infrastructure capable of generating greater productivity and profitability...

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Confidently build, test, validate, and deliver applications and services on a single platform...

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The SolidFire AI advantage

With AI for Virtual Infrastructure, SolidFire has uniquely demonstrated the ability for enterprises to easily and efficiently accommodate the demands of mixed workloads from a single storage platform. Leveraging SolidFire’s unique QoS capabilities, storage policies can be provisioned and enforced to isolate each workload while running simultaneously within a shared infrastructure.

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