why NetApp SolidFire?
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SolidFire Nodes

SolidFire SF Series storage hardware

One storage platform for confidently running multiple, mixed workloads.

  • For guaranteed application performance
  • For accelerated user productivity
  • For a simple, scalable flash storage platform
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Start your next generation infrastructure and grow from there

Start with a four node cluster of any SolidFire nodes, and mix and match nodes as you scale to take advantage of the most current, cost-effective flash technology available.

Mix and match nodes that scale incrementally as demand dictates.
Scale a single system without limitation
20TB to PB of effective capacity
200K to millions of IOPS

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Choose your nodes to right-size the predictability, automation, and scalability of your SolidFire storage platform.

Granular scale


SolidFire SF2405 Node

Add 5TB and 50K IOPS to your system

  • Accelerate application performance
  • Support initial private cloud deployments

Versatile utility


SolidFire SF4805 Node

Add 10TB and 50K IOPS to your system

  • Consolidate mixed workloads with a single platform
  • Balance performance and capacity

Optimized capacity


SolidFire SF9605 Node

Add 20TB and 50K IOPS to your system

  • High density, low $/GB platform
  • Ideal when scale-out capacity is a primary requirement

Maximized performance


SolidFire SF9010 Node

Add 40TB and 100K IOPS

  • Deliver to all-flash infrastructure across the data center
  • Highest performance, high density node

Solidfire System at scale

Slide to scale out

Cluster Size 4 Nodes 20 Nodes 40 Nodes 100 Nodes
Capacity 5x *
SF2405 14TB 92TB 190TB 482TB
SF4805 29TB 185TB 380TB 964TB
SF9605 58TB 370TB 759TB 1.9PB
SF19210 113TB 739TB 1.9TB 3.8PB
Capacity 10x *
SF2405 29TB 185TB 380TB 964TB
SF4805 58TB 370TB 759TB 1.9PB
SF9605 116TB 739TB 1.5PB 3.8PB
SF19210 231TB 1.4PB 2.9PB 7.5PB
4K Random IOPS SF2405/SF4805
200K 1.0M 2.0M 5.0M
SF19210 400K 2.0M 4.0M 10.0M
Average kW IO
SF2405/SF4805 0.7kW 3.6 kW 7kW 18kW
SF9605 0.8kW 4.2kW 8kW 21kW
SF19210 1.8kW 9kW 18kW 45kW
Rack Units 4RU 20RU 40RU 100RU

* SolidFire's Effective Capacity calculation accounts for Helix data protection, system overhead and global efficiencies including compression, deduplication and thin provisioning. SolidFire customers typically achieve an effective capacity range of 5x to 10x the raw capacity depending on application workloads. The above capacity calculations show both 5x & 10x efficiency gains while accounting for SolidFire's High Availability in the event of a single node failure."

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enterprise and service provider data centers

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