why NetApp SolidFire?
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Global Efficiencies - Data Deduplication, Compression & Thin Provisioning

Global data efficiencies

Data efficiencies architected for the modern data center

With comprehensive data reduction from in-line deduplication, compression, thin provisioning, and space-efficient snapshots, SolidFire makes flash at scale an economic reality.

Global deduplication

SolidFire’s always-on data deduplication works non-disruptively across the entire cluster to maximize data reduction.

Global Data Deduplication to Maximize Data Reduction

Two-layer compression

SolidFire utilizes both an in-line and post-process compression, optimizing for space without sacrificing performance.

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4k granular thin provisioning

SolidFire uses 4k granular thin provisioning that does not require any reserve space, returning data immediately back to free space for use by other SolidFire volumes.

Granular Thin Provisioning

Total percent of system must equal 100.

SolidFire data efficiencies calculator

  Workload 1 Workload 2 Workload 3
Choose Workload
% of System Capacity
# of: VMs / Databases / Instances / Desktops
% of Unique Data
Thin Provisioning
Workload Efficiency
Total Efficiency  

All-flash storage for less than the cost of disk -- requiring a fraction of the space, power, and cooling.


Don't settle for "bolt-on" efficiency

Native, always-on, in-line data reduction

With data efficiency fast becoming a requirement for customers, traditional array vendors are scrambling to “bolt-on” technologies to meet the need. Don’t be fooled. Bolt-on efficiency techniques create performance bottlenecks that crush storage performance, putting you right back where you started.


  • Reduces repetitive writes to media

  • Increases system performance and reduces SSD wear
  • Even capacity and performance load distribution eliminates hot spots


  • All I/O compressed uppon ingest and remains compressed until it’s read
  • Increases effective memory utilization

  • Reduces the footprint of stored data

Thin Provisioning

  • Requires no reservations or pre-allocation

  • Does not consume capacity on pre-allocation or initialization
  • Never stalls i/O in order to allocate capacity

Execute in-line and system-wide

4k fine-grained block size

Always-on integrated functionality

Increases performance by reducing I/O and increasing cache hit ratio

No performance impact as data is being written

Does not create hot spots

Data reamains compressed across entire system

No space used when 
pre-allocated or initalized

Automatic space reclamation when data is zeroed or deleted

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Data center efficiencies

Money isn't the only thing you'll save.

With significantly higher efficiency than a legacy array, SolidFire's all-flash systems dramatically cut the energy, heating, and cooling costs required by your storage infrastructure.
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Quantifying the Economic Value of SolidFire Deployment, ESG, Feb. 2015
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