why NetApp SolidFire?
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Data Assurance - High Availability Storage & Data Protection

Data assurance

High-availability data protection for cluster-wide, RAID-less data assurance

Deploying an all-flash storage architecture at cloud scale typically introduces a series of challenges, like how to automatically recover from failed controllers. Not with SolidFire. While most storage vendors are still trying to solve those issues, our proven, patent-pending data protection and self-healing architecture are already built-in.

Maintain your data with the highest levels of availability, data protection, and complete security, architected specifically for cloud-scale, all-flash infrastructures.

High availability storage systems: When all else fails, SolidFire doesn’t.

Helix data protection

SolidFire’s patent-pending Helix data protection is a distributed replication algorithm that spreads at least two redundant copies of data across all drives within the system, delivering fault tolerance superior to today’s traditional disk and all-flash array systems. With a revolutionary “shared nothing” high availability (HA) architecture, Helix data protection has no single point of failure and can absorb multiple, concurrent faults across all levels of the solution without affecting application performance.

  • No single point of failure
  • Self-healing architecture
  • Nondisruptive upgrades
  • Fully automated
  • Five 9s availability
  • Rapid full mesh rebuilds
  • Proven in the world’s most demanding data centers
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Self-healing architecture

Recovering from a failure within a SolidFire system takes only minutes and is fully automatic. In a failure event, each drive in the system re-distributes a small percentage of its data – usually 1-2% – in parallel to the free space on all remaining drives. Failure recovery requires no operator intervention, eliminating the fire drills common with traditional RAID-based architectures.









Nondisruptive software and hardware upgrades

Nondisruptive software upgrades on a rolling node-by-node basis, enabling upgrades to be done during production hours without interruption of service or QoS settings. New nodes are also easily added or removed from the system at any time without interruption or the need to manually migrate any data.

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Lifetime wear guarantee

Legacy RAID-based systems are notorious for causing SSDs to wear out prematurely due to high write amplification. SolidFire’s Helix data protection incorporates endurance management techniques which automatically and simultaneously:

  • Balance wear distribution across all SSDs within the system
  • Ideally sequentialized I/O regardless of application workload from hosts
  • Leverage in-line efficiency techniques to reduce write workloads before data is written
  • Provide total protection for drives within every SolidFire system without use -case or workload restrictions.
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Data Protection

The most simple, flexible, and efficient recovery toolset of any all-flash array

Storage Data Protection

Synchronous and Real Time Replication

Native disaster recovery capabilities, eliminates the need for costly third-party hardware or software.

  • Maintains all QoS settings and built-in efficiencies, eliminating need for additional WAN optimizers
  • Pair a single cluster with up to four others for flexible failover, failback
  • Create additional remote copies of data quickly and cost-effectively
  • Synchronous, asynchronous, and snapshot replication options for flexible RPO configuration

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