why NetApp SolidFire?
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Element OS. This transforms everything.

The only storage operating system built from the ground up to enable the next generation data center

SolidFire Element OS uniquely answers all five key storage requirements for a true, next generation data center. This all-inclusive, industry-leading storage operating system is at the core of every SolidFire infrastructure, giving you capabilities no other storage technology can match.

Grow with your business demands by seamlessly and granularly adding capacity and performance for each new business need.

Guaranteed performance

Optimize your infrastructure by managing performance independent of capacity for complete control of utilization performance.

Automated management

Set your infrastructure to automatic and respond to business demands rapidly with on-the-fly adjustments.

Data assurance

Consolidate with confidence using SolidFire’s Helix data protection — assurance for protecting your most critical information.

Deepest integrations

Deploy validated solutions that make your next generation data center more cohesive, automated, and scalable.

  • Capitalize on built-in integration including OpenStack and CloudStack
  • Simplify management with VMware vCenter Plug-Ins, PowerShell scripting and integration into VAAI, VASA, VVol, SIOC and vRealize
  • Get predictable performance for Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and MongoDB databases

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