why NetApp SolidFire?
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All-flash storage designed for everything a modern data center requires

Agile, economical, and future-proofed storage

Forever transform the way you buy and use all-flash storage with one comprehensive platform for next generation needs. SolidFire delivers advanced storage features with capabilities and deployment models no other storage can match.

Element OS software

SolidFire Element OS is THE storage operating system of the next generation data center and is included on every SF Series Appliance. The operating system provides all the features you demand from primary storage — total reliability, all-flash performance, end-to-end security, and more — plus all five criteria for delivering agile, predictable storage performance.

  • True scale-out architecture
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Automated management
  • Data assurance
  • Global efficiencies

SolidFire All-Flash Storage Hardware

SolidFire SF-series hardware

SolidFire SF-series storage nodes are the building blocks of a SolidFire platform, allowing you to build a broad range of scale-out, all-flash storage systems that are highly available and easy to control. Mix and match any SolidFire node within a system to take advantage of the most current and cost-effective flash systems available.

  • Scale a single system predictably without performance degradation
  • 20TB to petabytes of effective capacity
  • 200K to millions of IOPS

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Active Support

Proactive, comprehensive support that solves most problems before they’re ever problematic. SolidFire Active Support continuously monitors your systems, ensuring SolidFire products are maintained and operated at the highest possible level of availability and performance.

  • Proactive philosophy
  • Secure assist
  • 24/7/365 worldwide availability
  • Expert tier 3-support engineers only
  • Active IQ

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