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In the next generation data center, developers spend less time asking for resources to meet their applications’ needs and more time innovating.

Webcast: From Zero to OpenStack in 90 Minutes

What you can do when storage isn’t a barrier to your cloud? Guarantee performance to every application in your stack. Accelerate time to market. And configure clouds in minutes, not weeks.

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Demo: Automate Menial Data Center Tasks with VMware vSphere

Increase the agility of your VMware storage to improve the performance of high-availability workloads while decreasing the effort to manage the consolidated infrastructure.

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Video Series: 5 Elements of a Next Generation Data Center

This video series discusses the five key storage requirements for a true, next generation data center: Scale-out, automated management, guaranteed performance, data assurance, and global efficiencies


Report: 2015 State of Storage Automation

See how IT professionals in your industry are leveraging automation in the next generation data center.


Case Study: Revolutionizing simplicity

1&1’s new generation cloud that delivers SMBs with enterprise-level flexibility and power in an easy-to-use product.

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Video: Flash Arrays Enable the Next Generation Data Center

Discover how all-flash storage solves the challenges of today's workloads with predictable, flexible, and easy management for both performance and capacity.

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Which next generation infrastructure is right for you?

Converged infrastructure? Hardware? Software only? As-a-Service? find out what tradeoffs you are okay making and what that means for your data center.

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