More Fuel for the Fire

Thursday, July 25, 2013 posted by Dave Wright

July here in the states is known for fireworks, and at SolidFire we have just set off a whole bunch of them. We lit the fuse a few weeks ago with the announcement that Colt, one of the largest service providers in Europe, has standardized on SolidFire for multi-tenant primary storage across multiple tiers of performance and capacity. SolidFire's ability to guarantee performance to thousands of applications simultaneously, along with our industry leading scale-out and automation capabilities, made it the clear choice over both incumbent disk architectures and other flash storage systems. Our radically disruptive architecture is quickly being recognized as the de facto standard for block storage in public and private clouds around the world. And we are not resting on this early success.

Today we have taken the wraps off the SF9010, the largest and fastest all-SSD storage system on the market. Just how big is it? A base cluster configuration of 5-nodes provides over 173TB of effective capacity, larger than most all-flash storage systems on the market. A modest 30 node cluster offers over 1PB of capacity, while a fully-scaled 100 node system tops out at over 3.4PB of effective capacity - more than an EMC VMAX 40K filled with 3TB spinning disks. The performance density is equally impressive, with over 3 million IOPS in a single 40U rack and up to 7.5 million IOPS in a 100 node cluster. These scale and density metrics put SolidFire in a league of its own. But here's where it really gets interesting. All that performance and capacity, the simplicity and efficiency of a true scale-out design and the only Guaranteed QoS on the market today is now available at less than $3/GB effective capacity. That's not only significantly below every other flash based system on the market today, it's less than most performance disk and hybrid systems as well.

Along with the SF9010 introduction we are also releasing SolidFire Element 5, Boron, our latest software update that adds VMware VAAI and VASA support, full encryption-at-rest without performance impact, and more detailed per-volume and per-tenant performance reporting. SolidFire's SF3010, SF6010, and now SF9010 give customers the option to start small and scale capacity and performance non-disruptively and in line with increasing application demand.

Last, but certainly not least, I am very pleased to announce the addition of Samsung as a strategic partner and investor. Samsung Ventures is leading our $31 million Series C funding round. Samsung's latest 960GB MLC datacenter-class drives are at the core of the SF9010, providing the raw performance and capacity we need to set new industry benchmarks, while leveraging the latest flash fabrication processes to drive down cost. This combination allows allows SolidFire to deliver what pundits claimed was years away - all solid state storage below the cost of disk. With our new funding, new customers, new system and software, SolidFire's summer is off to a spectacular start.

-Dave Wright, Founder & CEO