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Storage Notes for the Next Generation Data Center

Solving for Storage in your Virtual MongoDB Environment


Since first rolling out MongoDB into production in 2010, I’ve architected many different types of storage configurations, from bare metal to private cloud, to public cloud (and back again), SAN-backed, SSD and HDD. Throughout these experiences the whys and hows of scaling “the storage problem” have been central to my technical focus. High iowait is the bane of any database system, and MongoDB is no exception. Continue reading »

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Introducing Active IQ, real-time system health diagnostics & historical trending at the cluster, node, account & volume level


Today we take the next step in revolutionizing support for storage by launching Active IQ — a system monitoring and reporting tool and key element of our existing Active Support program. We’re excited to offer Active IQ in Beta to all of our customers dealing with the large-scale challenges that accompany building large-scale IT infrastructures, particularly those around system monitoring. Continue reading »

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End-to-End Quality of Service: Making Life a Whole Lot Easier for VMware Administrators


Today, SolidFire is proud to introduce version 2 of our VMware vCenter plug-in. Let me tell you a little bit about how I find it beneficial in my day-to-day. One of the most exciting parts of joining a new company is getting engaged with new technology. SolidFire has proven to be no exception. The last few weeks have involved expanding the Technology Solutions Lab and getting familiar with the unique features of SolidFire storage. Continue reading »

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Hidden Costs of Storage Systems


When replacing an aging storage array, storage vendors all to often focus the conversation around cost per GB and avoid the true cost associated with replacing and migrating storage systems.  At the end of the day, you are forced to look at total cost of ownership and the pain of having to replace an aging array.  Nobody likes to have this conversation because it means many long nights, additional work, and in some cases having to hire contractors to perform work that your organization just doesn’t have time to deal with. Continue reading »

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OpenStack Is Approaching The Tipping Point


Having participated in six design summits now, we are accustomed to the great energy that exists in the OpenStack ecosystem. The OpenStack Summit in Atlanta last week was no different, although there was the notable shift in the tone of conversation. Continue reading »

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OpenStack Day Two: SolidFire in the Spotlight


Day Two of the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta has wrapped, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  The morning’s keynotes definitely continued the Summit’s themes of enterprise adoption, with DigitalFilm Tree, AT&T and Sony walking the attendees through their OpenStack implementation details.  Alternately funny (find the video of Guillaume Aubuchon and Collier doing a “Between Two Ferns” parody), powerful (Sony is using OpenStack to run their in-game social interaction platform) and wide-ranging (is there anything AT&T doesn’t do?), we got a great view into the triumphs and challenges that real customers are facing today. Continue reading »

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Agile Infrastructure for the Next Generation Data Center


Delivering the promise of a Next Generation Data Center that is more agile, scalable, automated, and predictable, without the resources of an Amazon or a Google, is a daunting challenge for any Enterprise or Service Provider. The explosion of Converged and “Hyper-converged” Infrastructure offerings that seek to integrate software and hardware in one easy to deploy and manage system is a clear indication that CIOs are seeking a simpler path. But far too often these Converged Infrastructure solutions come with a steep cost – strong lock-in to a vendor’s hardware and software stack, no easy “exit-door” short of complete replacement, and no ability to pick “best of breed” components based on a customer’s unique needs. Continue reading »

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OpenStack Day One: SolidFire’s Take


Yesterday marked the beginning of the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta, GA.  This event also marks my first dive into the OpenStack community. As a long-time VMware administrator and architect, the start of this show has been a deep immersion into both new technologies and a different culture.  In the spirit of sink or swim, I’ve paddled hard to absorb everything I could. Day one left me with three things that stood out above the myriad of new information.  Continue reading »

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OnRamp takes down the Noisy Neighbor with SolidFire Storage QoS

*Please note the following article was a guest blog post from SolidFire on the OnRamp Blog.

You might be asking what the heck do noisy neighbors have to do with Hosting or the cloud?   Well, actually a lot!

Let me explain why

When multiple applications share the same storage infrastructure, they also share storage performance (both IOPS and bandwidth). One application – or “noisy neighbor” – can easily consume an unfair share of the resources. Leaving mere scraps for others. Continue reading »

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vExpert Event – Hypervisor & Storage QoS; Two great tastes that taste great together

This is just a quick note to my fellow vExperts out there.

We have a vExpert only event coming up on April 17th at 12:00 EST (9:00am PST). SolidFire recognizes that vExperts love VMware virtualization and are always looking to learn new concepts. About a year ago SolidFire started talking about how we could tackle the guaranteed performance problem in a unique way through the combination of hypervisor and storage array technology. If you are looking to provide guaranteed performance to hundreds or even thousands of tenants or applications, you want to attend this event. Continue reading »

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