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Music at the Speed of Flash

As the manager of the Fueled by SolidFire Program, I spend my time working with service providers and their customers. Even after two years and hundreds of meetings, I still love to hear a good customer success story!

In the case of Elastx and Bandtrace, the story is not only interesting, but it’s pretty cool, too.

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SolidFire: A Game Changer for Service Providers

Control capacity and performance independently of eachother.

Last week SolidFire launched the SF2405 and SF4805, and I spent some time talking about the power of mixed node cluster support and how SolidFire enables capacity mobility. Here I’ll dig into another of SolidFire’s core technologies and discuss how it directly impacts you, the service provider, your business and ultimately your customers. Continue reading »

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SolidFire Named a Top 100 Best Place to Work by Outside Magazine


In this month’s issue of Outside magazine, SolidFire was listed as one of the Best Places to Work in 2014. Ranking #36, SolidFire is among the top 100 companies nationwide committed to valuing productivity in combination with living bigger, better lives. Continue reading »

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SF2405 All-Flash Storage: Consolidate Sooner, Scale Forever


Having led the product development effort here a SolidFire since its inception, I often get asked, “What is the smallest configuration a SolidFire storage system can be?

Not the type of question most all-flash architecture companies receive, as many are small and designed for point solutions. SolidFire has always been different. Since its inception, SolidFire has focused on solving the consolidation and automation needs of large-scale environments.

But starting something big can start small. And many of our customers need to do just that, for a variety of reasons. Continue reading »

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A Storage Replication Adapter to Keep You Out of Deep Water


Earlier this week, SolidFire announced two brand new, game-changing all-flash storage nodes: The SF2405 and the SF4805. Another important additional announcement was an enhancement to SolidFire’s real-time replication offering with a storage replication adapter (SRA) for integration with Site Recovery Manager (SRM). (And by the way, this move marks SolidFire as one of the earliest to market with NATIVE integration as an SSA.) Continue reading »

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SF2405 and SF4805: More Power for Service Providers


With the launch of all-flash storage nodes SF2405 and SF4805, SolidFire has solved huge problems for service providers, along with a host of common everyday problems that impede service providers from growing their service offerings, from broadening their addressable market and from increasing their share of customer wallet.

Before I dive into how the SF2405 and SF4805 do that, this is my first post at SolidFire, so I thought it might be helpful to share a bit about where I am coming from. Continue reading »

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$82M Funding Round for Sustainable Growth at SolidFire


The dawn broke this morning on two significant announcements from SolidFire. The first is the launch of our new SF2405 and SF4805 systems, which further strengthen the cost advantage of flash over legacy disk systems while lowering the entry point of SolidFire’s systems under $100K for the first time. Read Jay’s blog post for more on that announcement.

The second announcement is SolidFire’s $82 million Series D funding round, led by Greenspring Associates along with Silicon Valley Bank and a major sovereign wealth fund, with participation from existing investors NEA, Valhalla Partners, Novak Biddle Venture Partners and Samsung Ventures. Continue reading »

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Say “Hello” to SolidFire’s Newest All-Flash Storage Nodes


Two all-new storage nodes join the SolidFire All-Flash Storage Platform today.

For enterprises and service providers around the world, the new SF2405 and SF4805 nodes are not only welcome additions to the SolidFire family, but also an open invitation for customers to start delivering a more predictable, automated and scalable storage infrastructure to every workload. Read on to see what each of these nodes will do. It’s pretty flash forward.  Continue reading »

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Oracle: OpenStack’s Dark Horse


Last week SolidFire made their debut at Oracle OpenWorld 2014, announcing support for Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux and the launch of our database consolidation story. SolidFire brought a strong contingent to man a booth and a kiosk that served an estimated 60,000 people in attendance. Continue reading »

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OOW 2014: Cloudy With A Chance of Multi-Tenancy


Control Freaks have united in San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld, and SolidFire is excited to be a part of the action. Today we announce support and Best Practices for MySQL, the world’s most popular open source relational database, alongside existing support for both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Continue reading »

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