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Storage Notes for the Next Generation Data Center

Flashing Forward Into 2015


2014 was an incredible year for SolidFire, our partners and our customers. We have seen enterprises and service providers around the world, enabled by SolidFire’s all-flash, scale-out storage platform, transform storage from one of their biggest headaches into one of the most reliable and empowering parts of their infrastructure. Continue reading »

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Gartner’s Take on Bimodal IT

Managing dichotomy in the data center — What “bimodal IT” means

I spent a few days in Vegas last week attending the Gartner Data Center Infrastructure and Operations Summit. Despite my dislike of Vegas, I really enjoyed the summit, its great content, lots of small roundtables, keynotes and plenty of analyst time.

Gartner Events staff told me it was a record-breaking event for them in terms of attendees, sponsorships and revenues. With 2,500+ IT professionals representing just about every industry, it was a little biased toward the large-scale enterprise, and nothing wrong with that from a SolidFire perspective. Continue reading »

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CloudStack is the Orchestration of Platitudes


CloudStack has achieved, through two models of delivery, the orchestration of making the complex simple. As a solutions architect, I am often asked by customers and prospects “Why CloudStack?”

The answer centers around tight integration, simplified architecture and flexible options that provide a unifying wisdom around a difficult topic. Continue reading »

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The Best Never Rest in All-Flash Storage: Nitrogen Is Here


The pace of innovation in the modern data center is increasing rapidly. New applications, frameworks and deployment models are driving the need for a more agile, scalable infrastructure. But how quickly can the underlying infrastructure itself evolve?

It’s one thing to make a one-time shift from a legacy disk storage platform to a next generation all-flash array, but how do you continue to deliver innovation over three to five years once that platform is deployed? Continue reading »

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MySQL: Scale Through Consolidation

SolidFire announced support and best practices for MySQL September 30, 2014

“Database sprawl, in my data center?”

It’s more likely than you think.

Explosive growth and rampant success have consequences. Among the most common for MySQL relational databases are sprawl and manageability challenges.

I invite you to join me and the SolidFire team for a webinar on December 16th where we will dive into detail around MySQL consolidation on SolidFire. Before then, read on to understand MySQL’s unique role in powering the web, the path to safe and efficient database storage layer consolidation, and how Quality of Service (QoS) introduces a huge paradigm shift in storage flexibility and agility. Continue reading »

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OpenStack Summit Paris: Nothing Kills Innovation Like Having To Submit A Ticket


IT needs to enable, not disable business. That’s what the OpenStack Atlanta Summit in May showed us, and it’s what OpenStack Summit Paris continued to drive home.

OpenStack Executive Director Jonathan Bryce’s opening keynote emphasized how, no matter where we look, technology is driving innovations that allow business to move faster and seize new opportunities. Continue reading »

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SolidFire & Synnex: Accelerating the Journey From Concept to Cloud


When we launched Agile Infrastructure (AI) in May this year, we had one goal: help customers accelerate the adoption of powerful platforms like OpenStack and SolidFire into their evolving IT infrastructure strategy. Doing so meant removing the perceived complexities of delivering a functional self-service IT infrastructure by integrating these robust parts into proven and easily consumable package.

We wanted to demonstrate to customers how they could go from concept to cloud in far less time, with less money, less complexity and less floor space than with alternative approaches. Today, we move another step toward realizing our AI vision by announcing our partnership with SYNNEX. Continue reading »

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Music at the Speed of Flash

As the manager of the Fueled by SolidFire Program, I spend my time working with service providers and their customers. Even after two years and hundreds of meetings, I still love to hear a good customer success story!

In the case of Elastx and Bandtrace, the story is not only interesting, but it’s pretty cool, too.

Continue reading »

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SolidFire: A Game Changer for Service Providers

Control capacity and performance independently of eachother.

Last week SolidFire launched the SF2405 and SF4805, and I spent some time talking about the power of mixed node cluster support and how SolidFire enables capacity mobility. Here I’ll dig into another of SolidFire’s core technologies and discuss how it directly impacts you, the service provider, your business and ultimately your customers. Continue reading »

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SolidFire Named a Top 100 Best Place to Work by Outside Magazine


In this month’s issue of Outside magazine, SolidFire was listed as one of the Best Places to Work in 2014. Ranking #36, SolidFire is among the top 100 companies nationwide committed to valuing productivity in combination with living bigger, better lives. Continue reading »

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