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Listen Up: Elements of SolidFire storage podcast is LIVE

Friends, Romans, storage fans, lend me your ears. No, really.

Welcome to the all-new Elements of SolidFire: The SolidFire Community Podcast.

Elements of SolidFire podcast logo

Elements of SolidFire is a new biweekly podcast presented by SolidFire. Subscribe, participate, and catch up on the first three episodes!

What it is: A biweekly conversation/roundtable/party about all things storage, host to some of the industry’s leading experts and opinion-holders.

What we need: You. This is an opportunity to share your storage knowledge with fellow technologists, ask questions of the expert hosts, or listen in live or after the fact.

We are dispatching a group of SolidFire experts to ask questions at upcoming events — audio roving reporters, if you will — to interview leading figures in the industry and get the hallway track conversations that are so valuable to staying current and engaged.

Here’s how you can join in:
1. Listen live at TalkShoe.
2. Subscribe to Elements of SolidFire on iTunes.
3. Join us as a guest either in person or virtually. Ping me on Twitter to become audio-famous: @CommsNinja (Not on Twitter? Well, that’s a conversation for another day …)

Got ideas for a show topic or guests you’d like to see? Nominate someone in the comments section below!

I look forward to hearing from you.

-amy (@CommsNinja)

p.s. It’s not too late to get in as an Elements podcast ground floor listener! Our first three episodes are ready for you. Have a listen and give us your feedback.

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The hosting biz is easy. Right?


Not really.

As anyone who has worked at a hosting company knows, its primary business and financial directives are to increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR), reduce churn, and maximize EBITDA. After all, most hosting companies are provided external capital by investors or shareholders who keep a close eye on how their money is being spent and expect a high return on that investment.

Analysis and management of your support organization become a critical part of this profitability equation. Addressing support tickets takes time, and the more tickets a customer submits, the more that customer erodes margin out of their contract. Clearly, keeping your support processes efficient can lower overall operating cost, increase margin, and at the same time improve customer satisfaction and decrease churn.

To do this, it’s imperative to work smarter, not harder. Continue reading »

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Busting flash storage myths: See how these experts did it.


Sometimes you just have to do it for the people.

We knew going into the Experts Round Table: Flash Mythbusters event that the Spiceworks community was going to be fun to interact with, but we were happily overwhelmed by the attendance, amazing questions, and general excitement.

See what happened when EMC, Nimble Storage, Pure Storage, and SolidFire all sat down together that March 25th morning: Continue reading »

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Percona Live & OpenStack Live: Optimize your database core and maximize your cloud


Relational databases and cloud deployments: mutually exclusive, right? Not so fast. Cloud-based database workloads are among the top use cases for OpenStack. In fact, MySQL is far and away the most commonly used database in OpenStack deployments.

So it seems a natural fit to combine databases and cloud at this year’s Percona Live/OpenStack Live event in Santa Clara, California. Continue reading »

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Increase cloud and hosting adoption by improving storage?

Cloud storage adoption barriers

Cloud storage adoption barriers – Performance is a bigger barrier than cost or security.

The number of enterprise applications with specific IOPS or other I/O performance requirements is on the rise. In a 451 Research survey, performance requirements for certain applications increased from 52% to 73% in just one year! (1)

This isn’t surprising, because applications continue to evolve and workloads that heavily rely on databases, like big data, e-commerce, and trading applications are becoming more integral to many large and midsized enterprise businesses. Continue reading »

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Next week: Predictable storage performance in CloudStack at ApacheCon & CloudStack Days

Join SolidFire at ApacheCon and CloudStack Days!

Join SolidFire at ApacheCon and CloudStack Days next week to learn how to deliver consistent storage performance in CloudStack.

In just one week, Austin, TX hosts both ApacheCon and CloudStack Days. Have you chosen the sessions you’ll be attending? I have some
suggestions as well as food for thought on delivering predictable storage performance in CloudStack, one of the main barriers keeping
business-critical applications from moving to the cloud.

I’ve been involved in CloudStack development since December 2012, and during that time, I’ve observed a few things:

  1. CloudStack is awesome.
  2. There is a huge need in CloudStack to add support for storage systems that have advanced Quality of Service (QoS) technology, such as SolidFire.

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Get the most out of your experience at OpenStack Summit Vancouver


Attend SolidFire’s sessions at the summit to learn how to best leverage Cinder storage and architect successful OpenStack projects


If you’re interested in learning more about utilizing Cinder block storage and how you can architect and scale successful OpenStack projects, don’t miss your chance to reserve a spot in SolidFire's sessions at OpenStack Summit Vancouver.

If you’re interested in learning more about utilizing Cinder block storage and how you can architect and scale successful OpenStack projects, don’t miss your chance to reserve a spot in SolidFire’s sessions at OpenStack Summit Vancouver.

The OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, Canada is 48 days away. That’s 48 days to book your travel, dust off your passport, and plan out which keynotes and sessions you’ll attend to optimize your experience at the Summit.

Adoption of OpenStack is continuing at an impressive pace. In fact, the OpenStack user survey insights from the Paris summit last November showed that production deployments of OpenStack are increasing — up to 46% from 33% in May 2014. Continue reading »

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WorldHostingDays 2015 Recap

WorldHostingDays 2015

From the entrance of Europa Park in Rust, Germany – WorldHostingDays 2015

With typical German precision, WorldHostingDays 2015 started off right on schedule, and according to the event organizer, more than 6,000 people (mostly hosting service providers) attended. The traffic and buzz throughout the three days supported the number, and the exhibit hall and speaking sessions were almost always well attended.

Located at Europa Park in Rust (pronounced Roost) Germany, the event location is about as far off the beaten path as you can get, requiring visitors to take well-coordinated planes, trains, buses, and shuttles to get there. Once everyone arrived, however, we focused on the event and the hosting/cloud business.

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How do you quantify flash storage value?

ESG Lab Whitepaper

We contracted a third party to do an in-depth TCO analysis of our solution vs. traditional storage deployments, and the results prove out what our customers already know. Download the ESG Lab Whitepaper to understand the quantified economic value of a SolidFire deployment.

We are all aware that every vendor trying to sell you something will say they will save your organization money. In storage sales, the discussion often gets down to $/GB, which is important when talking capacity, yet that metric by no means conveys all of the costs associated with deploying and managing a storage solution over the long run.

When considering a storage solution, obviously it is critical to consider both upfront costs and total cost of ownership over the life of the deployment. However, it’s just as important to consider what storage value means to your organization. Continue reading »

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Storage Purpose-Built for Service Providers

Visit SolidFire in Booth C615 at WorldHostingDays

Visit SolidFire in Booth C615 at WorldHostingDays

Have you ever used a product that was purpose-built for what you needed to do? How nice was that! Think of the HANS (Head and Neck Support) product that ensures Formula 1 drivers maximum safety while enabling maximum performance and control. For that class of auto racing, you wouldn’t want to wear any old helmet and neck brace.

As a service provider, why use just any storage when SolidFire has been specifically built to meet the demands you encounter every day? Continue reading »

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