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Storage Notes for the Next Generation Data Center

The Advantages of a Shared Nothing Architecture for Truly Non-Disruptive Upgrades

Watch Dave Wright discuss the trade-offs between shared disk and shared nothing architectures for data protection in a 2014 Tech Field Day presentation.

In our Tech Field Day presentation on Modern All-Flash Architectures earlier this year I talked about the trade-offs between shared disk and shared nothing architectures for data protection. Shared nothing architectures, which don’t use a shared disk shelf but instead protect data across multiple, independent nodes in a networked cluster, offer several advantages over controller-based architectures, including no single points of failure and self-healing capabilities. One thing I didn’t touch on was the significant advantage a shared nothing architecture provides for non-disruptive upgrades. Continue reading »

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Mentoring with Google Summer of Code and Lessons in CloudStack


For the past few months, I’ve been mentoring a student from Tunisia, Seifeddine Jemli (“Seif”), who was working on a project I developed for him for Google Summer of Code (GSoC).

GSoC is a program Google sponsors whereby Google pays students to design, write and test code for approved open-source projects (like CloudStack) under the mentorship of one of that project’s approved contributors. Continue reading »

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SolidFire Welcomes Cisco and VMware to the Agile Infrastructure Party


We introduced the first of our Agile Infrastructure architectures at the OpenStack Design Summit in Atlanta this year, and the response has been nothing short of amazing. But OpenStack is just one of the Cloud Management Platforms our customers are using. And so we are pleased to roll out a brand new Agile Infrastructure (AI), combining the newest of the VMware technologies with networking and compute hardware from Cisco. Continue reading »

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Trends You’ll Spot After VMworld 2014


Another VMworld is in the books. What a great event and gathering of technologists in our industry. Below are a few of the most memorable talks and moments from the show. Let’s first look at some interesting trends that developed from the event as VMware extends beyond virtualization.
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SolidFire Named #1 in Overall Flash Use Case; Leading “Visionary” in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays


Gartner just released its first-ever Magic Quadrant report dedicated to Solid-State Arrays, and the accompanying Critical Capabilities Study, recognizing SolidFire not only as a leading “visionary” but also as the number one Solid-State Array for the overall flash use case. Tightly focused on our target markets, it is great to be recognized by Gartner for our understanding of the changing demands placed on enterprise storage and the unparalleled solutions we bring to market to address them.

Continue reading »

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VMworld 2014: Two Days In and Much to Think About


I love VMworld. At other conferences like CiscoLive, EMCworld, TechEd, etc., you tend to see a more narrow focus on the target market of the parent companies of those conferences. VMworld is like the Switzerland of tech: everyone is here. In my opinion that makes it the most important conference to attend for folks focused on virtualization, not just for the technology, but for the people you meet and breadth of ideas you get exposed to. Continue reading »

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Don’t believe the hype, you don’t need dedicated storage for VDI


Despite what your existing vendor says, you don’t need dedicated storage for Citrix XenDesktop.

At the onset of the modernization of virtualized desktops (aka Hosted Virtual Desktops) the recommended storage configuration was dedicated storage. Why default to this path? More than anything, it had to do with an inability of existing storage architectures to handle the challenges of VDI within a shared storage infrastructure.

Challenges like this: Continue reading »

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Be De(mo)lighted this VMworld


VMworld 2014 is right around the corner and the excitement is palpable. The tech industry is buzzing with early announcements, speculation about big announcements from VMware and previews about what attendees can see at the big event. All of us at SolidFire are no exception. We’re bringing some powerful demos and community events to VMworld 2014 in San Francisco next week.

Here’s a taste of the demos you’ll find in booth #1629: Continue reading »

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The Do-Not-Miss Storage Sessions, Panels and Events at VMworld US 2014


It’s that time of year again. Our team is working crazy hours putting together an awesome VMworld experience. VMworld prep has become an annual rite of passage in our industry and this year is proving to be the most exciting year I have ever experienced.

The partnership between SolidFire and VMware is amazing and I wanted to take a moment to introduce our awesome presenters and share the scoop on a few of the key events by SolidFire at VMworld this year. We even have a little something for the #vExperts out there that you might be very interested in (see below). Continue reading »

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Increasing Storage Performance & Provisioning Flexibility In Apache CloudStack

This post is co-authored with Mike Tutkowski, Senior Software Engineer at SolidFire and Apache CloudStack PMC Member.

With the recent release of Apache CloudStack 4.4, CloudStack has taken another step forward. Version 4.4 fixes 130+ bugs and introduces 20+ new features and improvements. Continue reading »

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