At SolidFire, we aren’t just revolutionizing storage.

We’re advancing the way the world uses the cloud.

SolidFire is born out of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world and purpose built around the problem of delivering high performance applications from a multi-tenant infrastructure. We get cloud computing better than any storage company - whether you are building them for public or private access.


Recognition for excellence and innovation

SolidFire is proud to be recognized by outstanding organizations for our technology innovation and workplace culture. Following is a sampling of the accolades we have received recently:

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Biba 2014 Bronze Midres
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Best in Biz
Colorado Companies to Watch 2012
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Enabling greater confidence in the cloud

SolidFire exists because today's enterprises expect more performance and more predictability from their shared storage infrastructure. They want to combine the performance of dedicated infrastructure with the economics of leveraging shared resources on demand.

Ensuring guaranteed performance

Traditional spinning media storage was never designed to guarantee performance or be deployed in a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure. So at SolidFire, we re-architected everything, developing the only storage architecture built specifically to guarantee true Quality of Service (QoS).

The Benchmark for Quality of Service

These innovations are just the beginning. In addition to redefining the capabilities of storage, we have established the benchmark architecture for measuring storage QoS.

Our revolutionary all-SSD storage platforms represent more than just an incremental improvement in storage.

We are transforming what is possible in cloud computing. Now you can deliver thousands of business-critical apps from your shared storage infrastructure with guaranteed storage performance for each and every one.