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Learn how SolidFire meets today's enterprise performance demands while driving greater consolidation, automation and scale across your entire storage infrastructure.

SolidFire's CEO on the Gartner Magic Quadrant

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SolidFire in the enterprise: ESG lab validation

Esg screenshot 220x300 ab6e955c4997d590614748e654ed0353efafa90a6d14cf207233d6f486ddf709 Enterprise Strategy Group has evaluated more than a dozen emerging flash-based storage solutions and highlights the approach SolidFire is taking in its development and go-to-market efforts. Instead of trying to compete with emerging flash versions of the traditional modular disk arrays, ESG points out that SolidFire is focused on scale-out needs of enterprise-class data centers and the largest cloud service providers.

“If your organization is frustrated with the limitations of traditional storage for scale-out workloads and you’re striving to deliver IT-as-a-Service from a next-generation data center, ESG Laboratories strongly recommends that you consider SolidFire for the enterprise.”

Quotes from analysts & press

Architecting IT

Quote e231ee3ba82bc59a10954aafbdf13f93dd9c4edcb9e541d52dc5c8228f24a620 I've talked about SolidFire many times as I think their architecture is the way forward for dedicated storage in the data centre. They also have a couple of features (Quality of Service and API driven management) that differentiates them from much of the competition out there. As we move to a more Software Defined Data Centre world, storage will need to exist standalone and deliver to service levels, which is exactly what SolidFire does."

Chris Evans, March 27, 2014
Storage Field Day 5: Vendor Profiles (Part 2)

Storage Swiss

Quote e231ee3ba82bc59a10954aafbdf13f93dd9c4edcb9e541d52dc5c8228f24a620 Providing storage for a modern, next generation data center is tough duty. Companies like SolidFire have developed all-flash arrays to support the needs of the enterprise and cloud storage providers. Leveraging a scale-out, clustered architecture, RAID-less data protection and performance virtualization these systems have designed in a true quality of service capability that’s essential for the next generation data center.

Eric Slack, June 9, 2014
How to design Storage for the Next Generation Data Center


Quote e231ee3ba82bc59a10954aafbdf13f93dd9c4edcb9e541d52dc5c8228f24a620 When compared to other solutions, even when you think about EMC XtremIO, SolidFire is faster, more reliable and much more scalable than the competition. Its set of features is designed from the ground up to solve problems at scale without compromises in terms of performance or availability.”

Enrico Signoretti, May 5, 2014
Is SolidFIre the Symmetrix of the Cloud Era?

451 Research

Quote e231ee3ba82bc59a10954aafbdf13f93dd9c4edcb9e541d52dc5c8228f24a620 SolidFire is in a stronger position than other startups that have also been pioneering all-flash arrays (AFAs) or stand-alone storage systems [...] SolidFire has developed a high-end scale-out AFA that sports a number of cloud-friendly features that are not matched by incumbent suppliers' flash storage systems.”

Tim Stammers, March 20, 2014
SolidFire bolsters flashy cloud storage with new software

The VAR Guy

Quote e231ee3ba82bc59a10954aafbdf13f93dd9c4edcb9e541d52dc5c8228f24a620 With a focus on what it calls the ‘Next Generation Data Center,’ SolidFire hopes to court additional enterprise customers by adding new features to its flash storage arrays [...] What's notable in this feature list is that none of the new functionality relates to flash storage specifically. In fact, Element OS 6 and the new features SolidFire is introducing with it seem to be about expanding the company's value offering beyond flash-based storage.”

Christopher Tozzi, March 14, 2014
SolidFire Enhances All-Flash Storage Arrays


Quote e231ee3ba82bc59a10954aafbdf13f93dd9c4edcb9e541d52dc5c8228f24a620 This time, the company is giving data protection a boost. Dubbed Carbon, Element OS v.6 now includes real-time replication support for disaster recovery without additional hardware or software. Under the SolidFire implementation, clusters can be paired with up to four other clusters in a setup that allows data to flow in both directions, enabling failover and failback operations.”

Pedro Hernandez, March 13, 2014
SolidFire Continues Its All-SSD Push into the Enterprise

IT Trends & Analysis

Quote e231ee3ba82bc59a10954aafbdf13f93dd9c4edcb9e541d52dc5c8228f24a620 However, for now, the all-flash storage vendor that got its start at cloud and hosting provider Rackspace, is bolstering its leadership claims with the latest release of its Element OS (V6).”

“SolidFire attacks what to me is the most glaring missing element in tomorrow’s enterprise data center – Quality of Service.” [Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst, ESG]

Steve Wexler, March 13, 2014
SolidFire OS Provides More Than Performance To Large NGDCs

Forrester Research

Quote e231ee3ba82bc59a10954aafbdf13f93dd9c4edcb9e541d52dc5c8228f24a620 Storage QoS will become mainstream. Enterprise-class storage systems provide capacity on demand, but struggle to efficiently allocate performance resources. Storage QoS gives customers the ability to guarantee transaction (IOPS) and throughput performance to key workloads. Startups SolidFire and CloudBytes designed their first storage platforms around storage QoS...Service providers quickly recognized the business value of creating enforceable storage performance SLAs for their customers, and this value proposition will translate to the enterprise where resource contention greatly impacts virtualization and application performance."

Henry Baltazar, May 21, 2014
Seven Influential Storage Trends Shaping Your Near-Term Strategy

The Virtualization Practice

Quote e231ee3ba82bc59a10954aafbdf13f93dd9c4edcb9e541d52dc5c8228f24a620 Where SolidFire differs, though, is in its focus. It has made decisions with its product to reduce what I like to call “mental friction,” or the ongoing drag on IT staff from operational complexity. A good example of this is its scaling: you can scale up to 100 nodes with 3.4 petabytes of storage and 7.5 million IOPS. This is quite a bit larger than the scaling of other competitors in this area, and it’s intentional. Multiple arrays means more complexity, more management, and more orphaned and lost space. It is almost always better to have one large pool of resources to deal with rather than five or six.”

Bob Plankers, April 24, 2014
The SolidFire Storage System: Reducing Complexity at Scale

Data Center Knowledge

Quote e231ee3ba82bc59a10954aafbdf13f93dd9c4edcb9e541d52dc5c8228f24a620 While a lot of competitors have jumped into providing Flash storage, SolidFire argues that just Flash isn’t enough. The company provides control and performance management for better predictability in addition to the all-flash solution.”

Jason Verge, March 13, 2014
SolidFire Introduces New Feature To Target Enterprise


Quote e231ee3ba82bc59a10954aafbdf13f93dd9c4edcb9e541d52dc5c8228f24a620 The resulting dearth of M&A activity removes one key exit option for all-flash array startups, for which 2014 is likely to be a make-or-break year [...] it goes without saying that only a couple of companies – at best – are likely to succeed along this path and at this point well-funded Pure Storage and fast-growing SolidFire seem the most likely candidates.”

Simon Robinson, February 19, 2014
Hybrid flash hot, all-flash not, in 2014

Data Center Knowledge

Quote e231ee3ba82bc59a10954aafbdf13f93dd9c4edcb9e541d52dc5c8228f24a620 Cloud providers are looking to differentiate from cut-and-dry public clouds, and flash storage allows them to offer better performance. SolidFire, a provider of all-flash storage systems designed for large scale cloud infrastructure, continues to capitalize on this trend, showing great momentum among cloud service providers (SPs).”

Jason Verge, December 10, 2013
SolidFire and the Rise of Flash Among Cloud Providers

Search Solid State Storage

Quote e231ee3ba82bc59a10954aafbdf13f93dd9c4edcb9e541d52dc5c8228f24a620 All-flash arrays change that game, and SolidFire promotes its flash arrays squarely as storage QoS delivery vehicles. SolidFire allows IOPS to be provisioned on a per-volume basis with minimum, maximum and burst parameters. This throttling, along with dynamic adjustment, gives storage managers an additional mechanism for precisely delivering performance where it's needed. SolidFire also suggests that guaranteed QoS solves the "noisy neighbor" problem.”

Phil Goodwin, January 2014
Hybrid Storage Arrays vs. All-Flash Arrays: A Little Flash or A Lot?

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