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SolidFire is the highest-rated solid-state array for overall use case.


Get your complimentary 2015 Gartner Critical Capabilities and Magic Quadrant.

The all-flash array
for the Next Generation Data Center

Scale-out, all-flash storage that's highly available and easy to control, with guaranteed performance.

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The only all-flash array for enabling
the Next Generation Data Center
Only SolidFire delivers all five core elements needed to deliver newfound
storage agility to your next generation data center — and beyond.
Discover the elements of the SolidFire Platform
Scale-out more than you ever
thought possible.
Does your storage need a boost for a new application or service? SolidFire's scale-out
architetecture means linear, non-disruptive scale of both capacity and performance — whenever
your system demands it.
Discover how big you can go with SolidFire scale-out storage.
Guaranteed performance? You better believe it.
Frustrated with storage unpredictability? Guarantee storage performance for every workload
with SolidFire — the only all-flash array that combines raw flash performance with fine-grain
Quality of Service (QoS) controls.
Learn how SolidFire makes predictable performance possible.
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Take total control. In a good way.
The definition of automation? Doing the same thing over and over and getting the same
incredible results. SolidFire gives you the API command for storage function, so you can get
more done than ever.
Experience entirely new levels of automation.
Higher availability than any other
storage platform.
When it comes to storage architectures, disk failures might be inevitable. But impacts on
storage performance or availability shouldn't be. SolidFire's Helix data protection is designed
to eliminate downtime, performance degradation, and the fire-drills that go with them.
Discover why SolidFire high availability is the answer.
Real-time efficiencies.
No performance impacts.
Cut costs without cutting performance. With in-line compression, de-duplication, and thin-provisioning, SolidFire reduces your storage footprint while getting more performance from every rack.
Understand the many benifits of SolidFire's in-line efficiencies.

Proven in the world's most demanding data centers

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Finally, a single all-flash array for
every way you want to use storage.

Consume storage with guaranteed performance from some of the world's leading cloud service providers.


Launch your private or public cloud the fastest way possible - with complete pre-validated reference architectures fueled by SolidFire.


Consolidate, automate and scale your next generation data center with the SF Series Appliance from SolidFire.

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Combine SolidFire's Element Operating System and award winning feature set with your hyperscale hardware supply chain — for complete business alignment.

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No one understands your daily
challenges more than SolidFire.

  • Deploy new applications and capabilities faster
  • Provide more agile and scalable infrastructure
  • Increase application performance and predictability
  • Enable automation and end-user self-service
  • Raise operational efficiency and reduce cost
Start building your Next Generation Data Center with SolidFire today.
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