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SolidFire Elio

Rethink everything about how you buy and use all-flash storage.

Scale out effortlessly

Increase infrastructure agility and responsiveness by delivering capacity and performance on demand.

No more data migrations, RAID management, storage silos, disruptions, downtime... and the list goes on and on.

Provision instantly

Deploy applications, services, and all your VMs up to 15x faster than with traditional architectures.

Do away with menial, manual, and overhead storage tasks. See if your business can keep up with you.

Guarantee performance

Deliver predictable performance to hundreds of applications on a single platform — every single time.

Stop wasting time looking for performance problems or bottlenecks. With SolidFire, you won't find them.

Proven in the world's most demanding data centers

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The ultimate investment protection

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Eliminate storage refresh cycles, compatibility concerns, and drive wear for good.

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Lower operating expenses up to 67% with SolidFire automation. ESG 2015

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Happening now

Cisco Live 2016: See NetApp SolidFire

Las Vegas
Jul 10 - 14

Die Cloud hat die Messlatte höher gelegt

Publication: CRN
Jul 14

Results that speak for themselves

"The performance is night and day compared to our older environments."

  • Improved IOPS performance 4x
  • Enabled fast, easy recoverability
  • VMware and OpenStack private cloud
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"SolidFire enabled us to tackle our pain point: virtualizing that last 20% of high-IOPS applications."

  • Virtualized last 20% of workloads
  • Reduced footprint from 21U to 4U
  • Improved performance 25% to 30%
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"We can now offer two million server configurations in 55 seconds; a massive improvement for our users."

  • Guaranteed customer performance
  • Reduced storage complexity
  • Dramatically improved flexibility
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